visions & values

Stonewood is a family of businesses united by one vision and the same values.

our vision

The Stonewood Vision is to design, build and craft truly special buildings, be it someone’s home, a place to stay, or a place to work.

Buildings that will stand the test of time and leave a lasting legacy.

our values

To understand our values, you need to understand our story.

Matt Aitkenhead and Ben Lang met on the sports fields of Biddestone, a small village with a population of 500, a Western League Premier Cricket Team, two pubs and duck pond.

When they met in the late 80’s, Matt had returned from travelling post university and Ben was embarking on his own university experience. Matt worked for his father’s small and well-established general building business, Ben laboured for Matt through A-levels and university holidays.

A bond was forged, both on site, on the sports fields and mostly over post-match refreshments, and when Ben graduated and Matt was looking to move the business forward, the obvious choice was to combine forces at Stonewood.

Matt and Ben have since grown the business from a turnover under £300k to in excess of £100m today with directly employed workforce of over 350 people. In doing so they have never departed from the core values that Matt’s father, Neill, established fifty years ago, namely:


We are passionate about delivering projects of the highest quality and craftmanship, producing exceptional buildings that exceed expectations and leave a lasting legacy.


We value our people and have a culture of continuous learning and development; we put a premium on developing and nurturing strong, long-lasting relationships with clients, customers, professional partners and our supply chain; and we always seek to make a positive impact on the communities in which we operate.


Our commitment to innovation is reflected in the way we work, the partnerships we develop and the creative solutions we find for our customers. Whether restoring an historic building, crafting a unique home, workplace, attraction or creating a community of new homes our innovative use of renewable technologies helps us to deliver industry leading sustainable projects that will stand the test of time.

Stonewood is very much a people business with an ethos lifted straight from the sports fields of Biddestone. There is a team spirit that runs through Stonewood; everyone is clear about their role, is respected for their contribution and understands that we achieve our best by working as a team.

Matt and Ben have paid particular attention to surrounding themselves with bright, energetic, knowledgeable and driven people at all levels of the business. Everyone at Stonewood is invested in developing long-lasting relationships with clients, customers and professional partners and understands this is the best way to maintain Stonewood’s reputation and grow the family of businesses in the Stonewood Group.